The network of people and organisations is the backbone of the DaphNet project.
Sharing knowledge and experience is key to achieving ambitious goals in life as well as in research.

I have started the network in mid-2014, and it currently counts over 30 members. All agreed to provide case studies, knowledge and/or logistics support for dissemination events. Forty-five of the people involved are women (see Gender Equality).

I am actively expanding the network by reaching out to new members: I have visited Belgium several times in 2014 and 2015 to meet curators, artists and organisations (mainly in Antwerp, Brussels and Gent).


Name Role Country Info
Guillaume Bijl Guillaume Bijl Artist Antwerp, Belgium
Timothy Segers Timothy Segers Artist Antwerp, Belgium
Guy Rombouts Guy Rombouts Artist Antwerp, Belgium
SMAK S.M.A.K. Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent, Belgium
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Pierre-Yves Desaive Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Brussels, Belgium
LI-MA LI-MA International platform for sustainable access to media art Amsterdam, Netherlands
BOZAR BOZAR Maison d’art Bruxelles, Belgium
Herman van Veen Herman van Veen Arts Centre Arts Centre Soest, Netherlands
Acatia Finbow Acatia Finbow PhD candidate at Tate Museum and Univ. of Exeter London, UK
Brecht Declercq Brecht Declercq Digitisation and Acquisition Manager Ghent, Belgium
Johannes Taelman Johannes Taelman Independent developer Ghent, Belgium
Tim Vets Tim Vets Artist Ghent, Belgium
Axoloti AXOLOTI Audio-oriented HW/SW platform Ghent, Belgium
Marijke Seresia Marijke Seresia Photographer and Cultural Manager Antwerp, Belgium
Teun Voeten Teun Voeten Photojournalist and Anthropologist Antwerpen, Belgium
Florina Speth Florina Speth Artist Berlin, Germany
ARGOS ARGOS Centre for Art and Media Brussel, Belgium
Chia Longman Chia Longman Academic Researcher (Gender Studies) Ghent, Belgium
Silvana Badaloni Silvana Badaloni Academic Researcher Padova, Italy
Marina De Rossi Marina De Rossi Academic Researcher Padova, Italy
Gynaika Gynaika Association Cultural Organisation (Arts and Gender) Antwerp, Belgium
Sofie Ruysseveldt Sofie Ruysseveldt Collection Manager Brussel, Belgium
NISV Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Cultural Organisation Hilversum, Netherlands
Verbeke Foundation Verbeke Foundation Arts Centre Kemzeke, Belgium
Piazza dell'Arte Piazza dell’Arte Cultural Organisation Antwerp, Belgium
Bram Walraet Bram Walraet ICT Manager for Art and Media Brussel, Belgium
Grazia Toderi Grazia Toderi Artist Torino, Italy
Simona Barbera Simona Barbera Artist Italy/Norway
Space 4235 Space 4235 Art Gallery Genova, Italy
Laura Maes Laura Maes Artist Oostende, Belgium
Godfried-Willem Raes Godfried-Willem Raes Artist, arts manager Ghent, Belgium
Steven Op De Beeck Steven Op De Beeck Director of Contour Biennale Mechelen, Belgium
Philip Janssens Philip Janssens Artist Brussel, Belgium
Logos Foundation Logos Foundation Arts centre Ghent, Belgium
Ad van Buuren Ad van Buuren (family) Artist Netherlands
Contour Biennale Contour Art Biennale Art Biennale Mechelen, Belgium
UGent IPEM Centre Research Centre Ghent, Belgium
UGent Cel Diversiteit en Gender Research Office Ghent, Belgium
CSC Centro di Sonologia Computazionale (CSC) Research Centre Padova, Italy